PSPAD - An Editor NEVER to be used - My personal experience

There is a number of xxxPad  editors out there on the web. One of them happens tobe PSPAD. I tried installing it on my PC. Here is what my personal experience has been :

- I tried downloading the the installer using chrome and chrome says it is a malicious download and blocked it.
I thought, oh well, this is some sort of an executable and ignored the warning and went ahead with the download and started installation. My anti-virus started scream and contained three infected files in its zombie vault. That should have stopped me right there.

- It changed the default home page on FF, Chrome, IE, Opera to a obscure search website, which is not known to internet users. I am not going mention the name because I dont want to give that URL any publicity. It is not any of the major search engines. Soemthing that owned by the editor creator (??). Not sure. Pretty stupid idea to think that users will be happy to shift their default home to something that th PSPAD thinks should be.

-  It took the liberty of installing a bunch of commercial applications on my computer. Scary to know that these programs have the capability to and deal with ... guess what? are you ready? ... System Registry.

- It also installed icons on the desktop for phone support. Do I need that just to use a text editor.

- These are some things I could find within the first 15-20 minutes of installing PSPAD.  I am not sure what other bad things it has done.

- This type of behavior is uncalled for in this day and age where privacy and ID theft are well-talked about topics.

- I decided to remove this program from my computer.  It took me a while to identify the programs it installed and remove them, clean up my browsers and finally removed the PSPAD.

- I felt that it is necessary to inform other users online about this entity cloaked as a free-ware text editor with great features.

Does it fit the description of malicious software, spyware, virus??     I am not sure what to call this PSPAD, but I would never think of using this PSPAD editor software ever again and I recommend that you dont ever attempt to install this software.



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