List of Free Online HTML WYSIWYG Editors

The following is the list of online HTML Editors that give you the so-called "What You See Is What You Get" WYSIWYG experience. These are offered free at the time of this writing. I am web developer and when you consider the features offered by these Editors, it is almost not necessary to go for a commercial (paid) editor for any of your needs. With out further ado, here is the list :


1. GeneralConnection Free Online Editor - Available at

By far this is the best editor out there. Totally free. Unlike most other free online html editors, this editor offers a way to save web page content to your local file system using the save option. The HTML code produced is clean compared to most other HTML Editors. It has the most simple sleek interface and it was joyful to use this editor

2. Mercury Editor 

This is another free online editor out there. It has neat and simple interface. Produces clean HTML code.

3. Radactor

This is the next in line javascript based HTML editor. Offer almost all the features offerec by the above two editors

4. Xinha

It offers good functionality. I personally did not like the presentation and the ease of use. It is for tech savvy people who like to play with the internal configraution details, plugins etc. The major objective of an online free WYSIWYG type HTML editor is, as I see it, to help out non-programmers to create web pages easily on their own. So, I recommend going with something much easier like the first two editors.

5. NicEdit

Simple and suitable for very basic web page creation.

6. TinyEditor

It is the little one of all the Editors. suitable for very basic web page creation. 

7. OpenBexi

It is another of the free HTML editors. It enables you to create and edit web pages

8. SnapEditor

SnapEditor is an online HTML text editor

9. WYMeditor

A Javascript based online HTML editor which can be used to create web pages online.





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